The Pet Cottage Foster to Adopt Program


The Pet Cottage Foster-To-Adopt Program aims to match a pet who has lost its person due to death, disability or deployment with a home that will love, care for and cherish him or her for the rest of their life. Our pack provides our adopters with support from the start of the journey and throughout the pet’s entire life; including pre-adoption counseling, assistance while the animal is settling in, and life-long support. Our goal is to find loving homes for our pets and to facilitate individualized adoptions that meet both the adopter’s and pet’s needs.

Why adopt from The Pet Cottage?


We offer a personalized adoption process, with an individual pet Primary Caregiver assigned to work with you throughout the process. Making an ideal match for both pet and adopter is our highest priority. In addition, we offer on-going support for as long as the pet lives to make sure our adopters have the help they need to care for their pet.

How much does it cost to adopt?

We require a 6-week foster period in which we charge you $25/month until you adopt.

The Pet Cottage does not charge for adoptions, but we do ask for a tax-deductible donation. Our suggested donations are:

  • Cats - $100.00, $150/pair

  • Dogs - $300.00