Dr. Carmen Colitz, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVO

All Animal Eye Care, Inc is dedicated to providing the highest quality of ophthalmological (eye) care for your pet. Dr Colitz will provide care for most any species’ eye problems. Whether you’re looking for a dog or cat ophthalmologist,  or some special exotics, we can help!

  • Cataract evaluation and surgical removal with intraocular lens replacement

  • Lens luxation evaluation and surgery

  • Glaucoma therapy, medical and surgical (Micropulse laser and Endolaser cycloablation)

  • Prosthetic eye or intrascleral prosthesis surgery

  • Eyelid disease evaluation and surgical reconstruction (dogs and cats)

  • Dry eye syndrome and therapy (including Cyclosporine implants)

  • Corneal ulcer evaluation and treatment (UV Crosslinking, Hyperbaric Oxygen Tx, Surgical repair)

  • Feline eye disease evaluation

  • Genetic eye evaluations (now under OFA, formerly under CERF)