Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown was the first resident of The Pet Cottage 5 years ago. The owner went into hospice and his two brothers came down from Michigan to help sort things out. The owner loved his three dachshunds like his children, but he was no longer able to care for them and his brothers couldn’t take them back up north with them, so The Pet Cottage was alerted. Charlie was in the worst shape of the three, so we placed the other two in foster homes while he became the first resident of TPC. Charlie was given a of couple months left to live, so he was a fospice situation.


Four years later he is the pack leader of 6 dog residents! The only trace of his health issues are his weak hind legs, he can’t use them too well, so he uses wee wee pads. But he still gets plenty of rides in his stroller outside to get fresh air. Charlie Brown is a great example of what love, time and patience can do for a living being. To contribute to his ongoing care and to help pets like Charlie, please consider donating by clicking the button below.

Charlie web.jpg