The Pet Cottage Fospice Program


The Pet Cottage fospice program aims to match a terminally ill or special needs pet who has lost its person due to death, disability or deployment with a home that will love, care for and cherish him or her for the rest of their life.


Becoming a fospice parent is an extremely special role. Providing fospice care gives a pet end-of-life comfort, providing them love and attention that they wouldn’t otherwise receive in a shelter setting.


Why Fospice for The Pet Cottage?


We are small, unique and mission-specific which allows us to have a personal relationship with you and the pet. We offer constant support with purchasing medications, rides to vet appointments, and taking care of the cremation when that time comes.


I’ve heard people argue as to why they can’t fospice, “It’ll break my heart when they pass,” and, “But I’ll get attached.” While they may only have a few weeks or months to live, being surrounded by love, in those final days, makes all the difference. And sometimes we just don’t know how long they have. It could turn into years, and that would make each extra day, that much sweeter.


Like our mascot Charlie Brown, he became a part of The Pet Cottage after his human passed away. Charlie is a senior long-haired dachshund with challenging health conditions and the vet said he had a couple months left to live. Now five years later he’s healthier than ever at 16 years old, still bossing everyone around at The Pet Cottage!

What is Provided by The Pet Cottage for Fospice Care?


  • Routine medical care and any extensive treatment as deemed required by The Pet Cottage

  • Prescription Food and treats

  • Medication(s)

  • Bedding and toys