Maggie came to us through a daycare facility in 2016 when a very upset elderly gentleman arrived with a mess of a poodle in his arms. His wife was hospitalized with a serious case of pneumonia and he was struggling to be present for her while trying to take care of Maggie.


The couple was clearly not able to care for Maggie appropriately as she was terribly matted and riddled with fleas. This is not uncommon, as people age their ability to see and respond to what a pet need diminishes. Their love for the pet remains but they need assistance to care for the pet properly.


Maggie fit our mission so we took her directly to our vet- The Pet Cottage has each pet that comes to us checked out, make sure vaccines are updated, and a clean bill of health is given before we place the pet with a foster.


The first foster we placed her with did not work out well, she was grieving and disoriented, not eating and just plain sad. We took her back to become a TPC resident as our promise is always to the pet, for the rest of their lives.


This past December 2018 Maggie passed away from senior health-related issues. She was cared for and loved in her last years on earth and we are so grateful to be able to be their caregivers during that time.