12-year-old Mildred lost her Mom unexpectedly in the spring of 2018. The family, particularly two brothers stepped in and did their best to care for and love Millie. Unfortunately, the family endured too many hardships in a short amount of time. In August of 2018, they realized they couldn’t give Mildred the quality of life she deserved.  


The brothers reached out to The Pet Cottage to help. The Pet Cottage has foster families at the ready to accommodate a dog such as Millie. Ironically one of our foster families has a strong affinity for Frenchies. We reached out to them to see if they wanted a new pack member. When they discovered, not only the dog who needed them was a Frenchie, but she also had the name of their beloved Grandmother, of course, they said yes. 


Accepting a senior dog into your home requires a special kind of love. Millie was a bit incontinent and needed to wear a diaper, she was also quite a bit deaf. Jean and Rene welcomed her along with their pack of four. Millie had her promised home for the rest of her life. 


Millie lived with her new pack for 6 months. In early February her fosters noticed things were changing and we discovered she had a tumor growing inside of her. The only thing to do was to love her and know that each day forward was a gift. On March 13, 2019, we said our goodbyes, honored to have had the privilege of having her in our lives. We sent her to heaven where we are absolutely certain her Mom was at the bridge waiting for her. We love our mission!