Our Tails Have Happy Endings
Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown was the first resident of The Pet Cottage 5 years ago. The owner went into hospice and his two brothers came down from Michigan to help sort things out. The ownerloved his three dachshunds like his children, but he was no longer able to care for them and his brothers couldn’t take them back up north with them, so The Pet Cottage was alerted. Charlie was in the worst shape of the three, so we placed the other two in foster homes while he became the first resident of TPC. Charlie was given a couple months left to live, so he was a fospice situation. Four years later he is the pack leader of 6 dog residents! The only trace of his health issues are his weak hind legs, he can’t use them too well, so he uses wee wee pads. But he still gets plenty of rides in his stroller outside to get fresh air. Charlie Brown is a great example of what love, time and patience can do for a living being. To contribute to his ongoing care and to help pets like Charlie, please consider donating by clicking the donate button.

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2-2 lived with a homeless man on the streets of West Palm Beach Florida. When the gentleman’s disability, homelessness, became too debilitating to continue care for his companion, the police called The Pet Cottage to help.

The man loved his dog and the dog clearly loved him. We picked him up in a Burger King parking lot. 2-2 with great hesitation jumped into the car with us. We promised the man he would be cared for. 2-2 was dirty and smelled terrible, he was not neutered, and very frightened. Our 16-year-old volunteer and I took off with 2-2 keeping his eye on us from the back seat. I drove right to the groomers hoping we could get him a bath. When we arrived there 2-2 turned into a growling, snapping mess. He was petrified and was going to eat us up.

My friend the groomer helped us lasso him and get him in a crate. We got him back to The Pet Cottage and he was having none of it. The poor guy was very unhappy, and his upset stomach displayed that. He had terrible diarrhea and it took many experiments with food to figure out what he could tolerate. We got him neutered, gave him all his vaccinations, got rid of his fleas and the worms he had. We slowly earned his trust and now he is a happy member of the pack.


Maggie came to The Pet Cottage when her Mom went into the hospital. She was in rough shape as her human companions were overwhelmed with caretaking and illness.  We were unsure her Mom would come out of the hospital when she did Maggie had been with us for a few months.


Her Mom wanted Maggie to come home. We arranged for her to go home with continued support from The Pet Cottage.  We took Maggie to the groomers and the veterinarian and kept her with us whenever Mom wasn't well. We had this relationship for 2 years.


Maggie was the one to get sick next.  We took her to the Vet and had her looked at and her kidneys were failing. She came back to The Pet Cottage for the night where she was given a warm bath and was cuddled all night long.


The next day with the blessing of her humans we held her while she crossed the rainbow bridge. She was a huge comfort to her Mom who suffers from Alzheimer's. We are grateful we were able to support her being with her Mom until the end.

Panda new_edited.jpg

Tim a United States Navy Veteran came to The Pet Cottage when the HOA where he lives changed management companies.  The new company would not honor the agreement Tim had with the previous manager regarding the weight of his dog Panda.


Panda an 8-year-old beautiful mixed breed that Tim adopted shortly after returning from being deployed to Japan could no longer live in the development because of her weight. Tim tried everything possible including getting her declared an emotional support animal, but because he completed that after the fact, it did not hold up.

Tim discovered The Pet Cottage and our service to Veterans. We accepted the challenge and were able to find a local couple who had just lost a dog to cancer. They embraced Tim and his family and although Panda lives in a different home now she has two families who love her very much. The special thing is the people have become friends too.


P-nut lived with Charlie Brown and another female dachshund named Ivy.  When their Dad became seriously ill, hospice was called in and their Dad's brothers came from Michigan.

They had no idea how ill their brother had become. He was unable to care for himself so the dogs were fending for themselves.  They had a serious flea infestation. P-nut had developed a skin condition from the fleas, where she was losing her hair in spots. Charlie Brown was the worst, extremely overweight, rotten teeth, and flea encrustation all over his back. We decided to take Charlie Brown as he was in the worst shape.

A wonderful foster agreed to take P-nut and Ivy to love until we could re-home them.  She gave them a new beginning and our intention was to place them together.  As time went on we realized finding a home that could accommodate two might be difficult.  

We posted about them in church bulletins and one day a dear lady, Mary Jane contacted us to meet them.  She fell completely in love with Ivy and became her foster and eventually adopted her.  


P-nut's foster was still determined to find her a new home, but eventually, she fell completely in love.  You see she was a big dog person. P-nut's big spirit finally won her over and P-nut has brought her and her friends and family incredible happiness.

Cari and Coco.png

The Pet Cottage helped me re-home my 10-year-old pit bull Coco when I was ill and unable to care for her. She now resides with a lovely family with a new big brother, Bruno. I am giving back to The Pet Cottage family because they made sure my sweet girl got the second loving home she deserves. The Pet Cottage's mission is to forever home pets who lose their humans due to death, disability, and deployment. I will forever be grateful for them.