Sanctuary Program


The Pet Cottage Sanctuary provides lifetime care for pets that have lost their human companions due to death, disability or deployment. The majority of orphaned pets are dogs and cats who rely on family members, friends, animal control, animal shelters and rescue organizations to try to home them. If unsuccessful, the pets are euthanized. The need for lifetime, perpetual care is great.


Many times, the pets that come to us are seniors, have special needs or aren’t in the position to be placed in our senior-to-senior or adoption program. Pets will be provided with food, medical treatment, medicine, essential supplies and a loving environment for the rest of their lives.


The Ultimate Sanctuary Vision


The Pet Cottage Sanctuary is a lively community of caregivers and pets. Living in harmony on a spacious piece of land in Jupiter Farms will complete our vision. The ideal property will be 2-3 acres with space for all pets to stretch their legs and play all day. A goal of 6 cottages will be constructed to serve as homes for 3-4 dogs at a time and a cat condo with a “catio” attached.


The Pet Cottage Sanctuary is a retirement home where pets live out the rest of their days receiving homestyle care.


Meet Our Residents


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