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Smokey & Simba

In August of 2016, a gentleman reached out to The Pet Cottage for a neighbor of his. Robin, a woman in her 40’s was moving when while carrying a box down a flight of stairs she lost her footing and fell down the stairs. That fall caused a serious disability. Slight brain damage, mobility issues, and the inability to support herself.


She had a home where her 2 children lived with her. She also had 2 cats that were a part of their family. She lost her job, her home, and her ex-husband was given custody of her children. Her neighbor stepped up for her, but cats were not allowed where he lived. With so much loss she was heartsick about securing her cats a loving home. 


One of The Pet Cottage board members was feeling the real loneliness of being a widow. Wendy had been encouraging her to foster a pet, knowing having someone to come home to could make all the difference. When Smokey and Simba needed us, Wendy convinced her to give fostering a try. She agreed with the promise of support. Although she grew up on a farm, she had not had a pet in her home for some time. Wendy delivered Smokey and Simba with everything they needed to Gail to start their new life together. 


Shortly after they began living together Smokey in a mad game of chase with his brother broke his pelvis. Gail needed our help. The Pet Cottage paid for his surgery and gave as much support as possible. It was a rough start to fostering. 


But this story tail has a happy ending. Slowly the three bonded and Smokey and Simba love their foster Mom. Gail enjoys these boys because of The Pet Cottage support. As a widow on a limited budget, she would not be able to accept the responsibility that being a pet parent requires. Our mission - lifelong guardianship for the pet and companionship for the person. Win Win Win!!!