Our promise is to our pack, for the rest of their lives. No matter what age they come to us, they will have a forever home at The Pet Cottage. Some of the pets have senior-related health issues, others have behavioral issues and we've decided their best life will be lived out under our constant care. 


Others have captured the hearts of a foster family. While you are part of our foster program we still take care of all vet bills and provide monthly flea, tick and heart worm prevention. Because again, our promise is to the pet and their wellbeing for the rest of their lives.


Or they are at the sanctuary receiving specialized attention while we look for a foster home. This constant homestyle care does add up, we ask if you could find it in your hearts to become part of our Happy Tails program and commit to even just $5/month to help the ongoing care of our pack. Anything helps! Thank you for your support.

Virtual Adoption


You love animals and don’t have room for another. Or your intention is to adopt when the time is right. You can virtually adopt a cat or dog or both! We often receive pets that are too old, have too many health issues or are otherwise unadoptable who require love and care. This is where you can help. For less than a dollar a day, you can be an adoptive pet parent.

We have several dogs and cats on our website to virtually adopt. Pick your favorite. We will update our website with pictures of your pet each month, so you can follow them. You can even download their photo to show your friends.

Your donation means that we can save and care for more pets every month.  You can choose to pay monthly or yearly, but either way, your generous donation will mean the world to a rescued pet.  We want all of our tails to have happy endings.

 $50 adopt for one month

Receive an Adoption Certificate and a button


 $150 adopt for six months

Receive an Adoption Certificate, a button, and a T-Shirt


 $300 adopt for one year

Receive an Adoption Certificate, a button, and a T-Shirt, and recognition on our website

PLUS...receive regular updates on their pet’s progress.

Or donate at a level of your choice.



Virtually Adopt one of these Precious Pets!!

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Dash came to The Pet Cottage in July of 2017. A young military couple rescued her from an abusive situation. They loved her and helped her gain confidence. Unfortunately, their service to our country required they give her up as they were being restationed to California and deployed from there. We had intended to re-home Dash as soon as we found the appropriate foster, but as we have lived with her we have realized she is quite special and needs a consistent environment. So lucky for us she has a home here now. She is extremely athletic and we love to witness her incredible abilities.

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Simon's Mom died in May of 2017 and he came to live with a Pet Cottage Foster in July.  Simon's Mom lived in assisted living with him and he knew all the residents. He stayed with his Mom's granddaughter until she needed to go back home. At 14 years old change is hard. Simon went to his forever foster where he is now one of 4 dogs.  He has slowly come out of his shell and adores his foster Mom.

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Anthony came to The Pet Cottage when his Dad passed. He lives in a lovely Foster home with his sister Doris. He brings much happiness to the elderly woman who shares his home. The Mom and her caretaker daughter lost a cat of their own when they reached out to foster Anthony and Doris. The elderly woman became depressed when they lost their cat and Anthony, in particular, has brought her smile back. We are so grateful for our foster families!

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Smokey came to The Pet Cottage with his brother Simba in August of 2016. His Mom became disabled after a bad fall down a flight of stairs. Shortly after he moved in with his Foster Mom, while playing with his brother, he got his leg caught behind the sofa and broke his pelvis. He had a major surgery and went back to his foster Mom to recover. It was a long haul as he had to be immobile for a month. His foster Mom did an amazing job at rehabilitating him. Smokey and Simba can once again chase each other and play till their heart's content.

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Simba came to The Pet Cottage with his brother in August of 2016. His Mom became disabled after a bad fall down a flight of stairs. He is being fostered with his brother by a lovely widow who is able to have them with The Pet Cottage's support. He is a very sweet boy and is strongly bonded to his brother Smokey.

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Doris and her younger brother Anthony came to The Pet Cottage in October of 2016 when their Dad passed away. It took us 5 months to find them the perfect foster family. An elderly Mom and her caretaker daughter share their home with Doris and Anthony.Doris has a deformed paw that she was most probably born with. We continue to try different strategies to give her the most use of the paw and keep her out of pain The Pet Cottage is grateful for our loving fosters.

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Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is 14.5 years, the oldest member of The Pet Cottage Sanctuary. Charlie Brown's Dad died in 2012 and when he came to us he was in rough shape.  He was extremely overweight, had many rotten teeth, and was infested with fleas. We found a foster for his 2 female companions and they were able to be re-homed. We kept Charlie at the sanctuary because we didn't think he had long. However, he has astounded us with his resilience and he  truly has become a great mascot. To know him is to love him.

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Tu-Tu (2-2)

The police called regarding 2-2.  He was living with a homeless man who had become unable to care for him and they were going to take him to animal control. The man clearly loved his dog and the dog loved him. The gentleman was very grateful. 2-2 was a mess when we accepted him. He wasn't neutered, had fleas, no vaccinations, worms, smelled terrible and had fear aggression. Slowly he has come to trust us and has developed a special relationship with Elvis our resident shepherd mix.

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PJ came to The Pet Cottage through our relationship with hospice. His Mom was living in an assisted living facility with him. All was well until his Mom was unable to care for him.  The staff there had a fear of cats and they became abusive to him. Hospice contacted us and we were able to find a wonderful foster and get him to safety. He is a big boy and loves his foster Mom.















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