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Memorials With The Pet Cottage:

We help you honor and remember your beloved people and pets

A donation to The Pet Cottage in memory of a special pet or pet-loving person, not only honors that relationship and memory, but also creates a living legacy of impact for the pets in our care.

Your donation pays tribute to your beloved and supports our mission and Forever Promise to our pack. When pets lose their humans due to death, disability, or deployment we promise a loving home for life - no matter what.

Your donations make that promise possible. Thank you! 

Create a Memorial, Make a Difference


Sanctuary Pet Care   
Visit our beautiful, nature-filled headquarters and walk dogs, cuddle cats, help with laundry and cleaning, play, groom, and give treats.  


Administrative Support 
Savvy organizers and computer wizards keep us on task and on track. We need help with filing, record keeping, and computer projects.  


Special Events  
Help us organize and run successful community outreach events, fundraisers, and volunteer workdays. Share and celebrate our mission!  

Become a forever guardian

When you make a memorial gift donation, we create a permanent memorial space on our website for you to honor your loved one with their story and picture.

It's a place you can visit as often as you wish. 

"It's hard to imagine how 30 pounds can change your life. But these two little love buckets have become such an important part of our family. It's been 3 years of joy! " 
Robin & Paul, Guardians to Apple & Oliver


When Boots' owner had to report for coast guard duty, Forever Guardians Lynda and Jim stepped up. Boots had a smooth rehoming transition and his owner has the peace of mind that Boots is well cared for while he serves.

Serving pets and people since 2012



I love the vision Wendy had years ago. I have watched The Pet Cottage grow and I'm proud to be a part of it's mission. The pets are so loved beyond and Wendy has a heart bigger than life!


Intern & Volunteer

I first joined The Pet Cottage because I wanted to get over my fear of dogs. Now I continue to volunteer because it's a mission I believe in, and I grow as a person a little more each day I am here.


Volunteer Guardian 

My role as a pet guardian to senior dogs has been a very fulfilling experience. I can make sure that their final experience with me and my son will be full of love and kindness.


Michelle & John
Volunteer Guardian

The Pet Cottage has enhanced our lives and has brought us so much joy through Sally. 

We invite you to join our pack! 

Send us a message below to learn more. 

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