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Secure Lifetime Care

When you're no longer here, what will happen to your pets? 

Secure Future Care for your Pet Through Our Lifelong Guardianship Agreement

We invite you to partner with The Pet Cottage now to secure a spot for your pet in our Lifetime Guardianship Program so your pets will be cared for later if something were to happen to you. You can secure lifelong, homestyle care for your pets for your own peace of mind and so that your loved ones don't have to carry the burden during a time of grief and transition.


We promise your pet will have loving care at our Sanctuary or in the home of one of our Forever Guardians for life. 

We acknowledge your foresight and personal responsibility in this sensitive and often ignored matter. We'll guide you through this process by identifying your needs and the needs of your pet, taking time to learn everything about your pet, and providing immediate assistance for your pet when needed. Your pet will be placed with a guardian trained in helping pets with grief and loss. 

We promise your pet will have love, care, and support for life. 

Contact us to learn more and secure lifetime care for your pet. 

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