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Our Pack
Means Forever

Rehoming a pet with us

We understand that life doesn't always go as planned - things happen - and you may find yourself needing to rehome your pet or the pet of a friend or family member due to death, disability or deployment. 

We are here for you and the pet.

We accept pets into our care based on our ability to keep our forever promise - to provide lifelong and loving care for the pet. 

Each situation is unique and we accept pets on a case-by-case basis. 

We are a small, mission-specific animal sanctuary. Therefore, we are unable to accept every single pet that comes our way.


But when we have the space and resources to accept a new pet into our pack, we do so with open arms and warm laps!

The rehoming process starts with a conversation. From there, there is an application and in-person visit to determine if the pet is a good candidate for our program.


Once accepted into our pack, a minimum donation of $3,000 is requested to support the lifetime care of your pet. 


Please contact us to get started. 

The Sanctuary Residency Program

"The Pet Cottage makes a very difficult situation a little bit easier."
Perry Buchalter

Once accepted into The Pet Cottage pack, the pet will either be placed in our Sanctuary Residency Program and live on-site at our headquarters in Jupiter Farms or be placed in the home of one of our Guardians.


Either way, your pet will receive homestyle care and an abundance of love and attention for the rest of their lives - that's our forever promise.


This care includes veterinary, medications, behavioral training, and anything else deemed necessary to ensure your pet has a happy life.

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The Lifelong Guardianship Program

Success stories

Charlie Brown

Sanctuary Resident  

Even though Charlie Brown was a beloved pet, when his owner experienced a medical hardship and required hospice care, Charlie Brown needed help asap. The Pet Cottage took Charlie Brown in and consulted with a veterinarian on his weakened medical condition. The vet said he had just a few months to live. Undeterred, The Pet Cottage gave Charlie all the tender love and care he deserved and that his owner would have wanted him to have. Charlie Brown lived for seven more years! Charlie Brown, who was our first resident pet at the Sanctuary, is a great example of what love, care, and patience can do for a living being.


Sanctuary Resident  

Dashie was rescued by a military family from an abusive neighbor. They knocked on the neighbor's door one day, promised to give the dog a better home, and the neighbor handed her over. When the family was deployed oversees sooner than expected, they turned to The Pet Cottage for help. The Pet Cottage brought Dashie to the Sanctuary and planned to place her with a guardian. However, the team quickly realized she had some unique behavior challenges due to her rough start in life and determined that she'd already found her forever home right here at the Sanctuary! Dashie now receives the structure, leadership, and exercise space she needs to live her best dog life. We thank all military families for their service and sacrifice - Dashie does too! 



"I had been in the hospital for 16 days with a serious illness when an angel named Wendy Derhak came into our lives. I was no longer able to care for my dog Henry as he deserved. Wendy found Henry a loving guardian family that had lost their dog and were so happy to have my dear Henry. I am eternally grateful for the help I received from The Pet Cottage and their wonderful mission."

- Barbara Hoy


Oliver & Apple

Guardian Residents

Oliver and Apple were the precious pets of an elderly couple. The wife had Alzheimer's and when her conditioned worsened, her husband could not manage her care and the care of their two sweet pups. The Pet Cottage stepped in - knowing that the dogs both suffered from serious heart conditions - and placed them with Paul and Robin - two dedicated guardians who understood their unique medical needs. It's been 3 years and both dogs are thriving, receive medication for their heart conditions, and have regular check ups with veterinary specialists. And best of all, Paul and Robin regularly send updates and photos to their original dad who now has the peace of mind he made the right choice for his fur babies. 

Smokey & Simba

Guardian Residents

When their owner fell down a flight of stairs and became permanently disabled, she was no longer able to care for her darling boys Smokey and Simba. The Pet Cottage accepted these cats and matched them with a guardian named Gail. Gail was recently widowed, lonely, and hesitant at first about taking on the responsibility of pet ownership. But with the support of The Pet Cottage, which pays all vet fees for guardians, she opened up her home and these frisky felines opened up her heart. It's now been five years and they fill her home with joy, entertainment, and companionship. It's just another example of a win-win-win for The Pet Cottage and it's pets, owners, and guardians.    


Pawsitively Perry Fund

The Pawsitively Perry Fund was created to honor avid dog lover and Pet Cottage supporter Perry Buchalter who passed away on April 7, 2020, from the coronavirus.

His wife Lisa, a dedicated volunteer and board member, established The Pawsitively Perry Fund to sponsor eligible pets for lifetime guardianship.

The minimum cost for a lifetime guardianship program is $3,000. When a person does not have the financial ability to meet this requirement, they can apply for The Pawsitively Perry Fund for financial support. 

Inspired by our happy stories?
Make a donation to support more new beginnings like these. 

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