Our tails have happy endings!
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2-2 lived with a homeless man on the streets of West Palm Beach, Florida. When the gentleman’s disability became too debilitating to continue caring for his companion, the police called The Pet Cottage to help. The man loved his dog and 2-2 loved him back. We promised the man 2-2 would be cared for and while we did keep our promise - which included neutering, vaccinations, deworming and flea treatment, it took a while for us to earn 2-2's trust in return. However, our patience paid off and he's now happily settled into our Sanctuary pack. 

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Grover came to us when is mom unexpectedly passed away. He was well loved and beyond spoiled - he even had his own fan club! We thought he would be a great candidate for our Forever Guardianship program, but once he mingled with the Sanctuary pack, it was clear this was his forever home. He is the grandpa of the group with an old and gentle soul. But he still loves to play with his squeaky toys! 



This gorgeous girl arrived at The Pet Cottage because her dad experienced hardship due to COVID-19. The pandemic is affecting so many people and pets. Her dad lost his job and then his home. He was living with various family and friends, but these transitions were difficult on Cloud and she was not always welcome. He was heartbroken to part from her but knew she deserved a stable home life. We first placed Cloud with Forever Guardian Brenda who also had a small pup named Gilly. Gilly and Cloud became fast friends and snuggle buddies. But when Brenda had to move to Texas, she couldn't take Cloud with her because of pet limit restrictions. Cloud then moved in Forever Guardian Carla. It's a match made in heaven and Cloud, who is part Siamese, loves to vocalize, get belly rubs, and reign over the porch. Because of our mission, Cloud never stepped foot in a shelter. Her life was never in danger. And all the people around her have the peace of mind that she will always be card for, not matter what. 

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Tim, a US Navy Veteran, came to us when his HOA changed management companies and told him he had to get rid of his beautiful mixed-breed dog Panda. Tim tried everything possible, including getting Panda listed as an emotional support animal, but nothing worked. We were able to find the perfect Forever Guardians who had recently lost their own beloved dog to cancer. Now Panda is loved by two families and the best part - Tim and the Forever Guardians are friends.  

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Coco, a blue-nose Pitbull, came to The Pet Cottage when her owner, Cari, was diagnosed with cancer and was in hospice care. Cari needed the peace of mind that Coco would be cared for and would often call me to receive updates on Coco. We found a great guardian family for Coco. They lived in the farms and had recently lost their own female pit and needed a companion for their boxer mix who was grieving. 

Cari went into remission and volunteered at The Pet Cottage. She always followed us and supported us. Cari became friends with Coco's new family and eventually passed away from her diagnosis. She knew Coco was safe and loved. 



Sophie's dad passed away leaving her in the care of his wife, Bella. Bella had fought a tumor and two different types of cancer. As a result, she had become weak and unbalanced. She took a fall and had to spend three weeks in the hospital. The doctor suggested she re-home Sophie. It was a very hard decision for Bella because she loved her so much, but she knew it was the right choice. At the time, Sophie was being boarded at her vet's office and was not used to a kennel environment. We immediately got to work finding her the perfect Forever Guardian. We conducted multiple home visits before meeting June, a schnauzer lover who was ready to open her heart to a furry companion.