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Join Our Pack

Ways to get involved 

Volunteers are a vital part of our organization and we invite you to join our pack of animal lovers dedicated to making a difference in the lives of pets and people. 

There are many ways to contribute - even remotely - to our organization and we appreciate the time, energy, and talents our volunteers give year after year. 


Thanks to our volunteers and supporters, we are able to keep our forever promise - that pets who lose their humans due to death, disability, or deployment will have a loving home for life - no matter what.

Current Volunteer Needs

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Sanctuary Care   
Visit our beautiful, nature-filled headquarters to walk dogs, cuddle cats, help with laundry, keep things tidy, organize donations and of course play with our pets.

Current Volunteers Needed- Community Outreach.JPG

Community Outreach 
Distribute brochures, take photos of pets and volunteers, help with fundraisers, support event planning, organize celebrations, and support our dynamic community. 

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System Support  
Dig into the bones of the operation by supporting the pharmacy and donation intake, perform clerical duties and write Thank You messages to our supporters.

Become a Forever Guardian

The role of guardianship is essential to our mission. When we accept a pet into our lifelong guardianship program, they either live at our Sanctuary headquarters in Jupiter Farms, Florida or are placed in the home of one of our forever guardians. 


Becoming a Forever Guardian is a unique opportunity to share your heart and home with a pet and have the full support of The Pet Cottage.


We provide and cover the cost of all medical care – routine, specialty, emergency, and even prescription medications and preventatives – for our pets, forever.  We do ask that our Forever Guardians provide food for their pet, along with lots of tender love and care, of course! 


We are not an adoption agency or foster program. We are a new concept.
any of our pets our senior pets that have health issues and require more resources. Many of our Forever Guardians are also seniors who wouldn't otherwise feel comfortable taking on full pet ownership at this stage in life. Our forever promise to each pet in our care means that no matter what happens to a guardian, the pet will have a loving home. It's a win-win-win situation that makes us do a happy dance.

Do you feel called to open your home to a pet who - through no fault of their own - has fallen on hard times? 


Your guardianship commitment means pets avoid shelters and instability and find happiness, a warm bed, and a doting companion for life.


"It's hard to imagine how 30 pounds can change your life. But these two little love buckets have become such an important part of our family. It's been 3 years of joy!" 

Robin & Paul, Guardians to Apple & Oliver

Serving pets and people since 2012



I love the vision Wendy had years ago. I have watched The Pet Cottage grow and I'm proud to be a part of its mission. The pets are so loved beyond and Wendy has a heart bigger than life!


Intern & Volunteer

I first joined The Pet Cottage because I wanted to get over my fear of dogs. Now I continue to volunteer because it's a mission I believe in, and I grow as a person a little more each day I am here.


Volunteer Guardian 

My role as a pet guardian to senior dogs has been a very fulfilling experience. I can make sure that their final experience with me and my son will be full of love and kindness.


Michelle & John
Volunteer Guardian

The Pet Cottage has enhanced our lives and has brought us so much joy through Sally. 


Joining the pack after the sudden passing of her original owner, it did not take long for Lola Grace to win the hearts of every human and the other furry members she encountered at The Pet Cottage. And, after just a few postings was paired with Forever Guardians, Lisa and Ronnie – a couple that had been following The Pet Cottage on Facebook for a long, long time – but waiting for their perfect match! Lola Grace continues to smile and bring happiness to her new humans and all that are lucky enough to share time with her.

We invite you to join our pack! 

Send us a message below to learn more. 

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