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The Encouragement of Light

I came across this poem while doing my morning meditation.

It Felt Love


Did the rose

Ever open its heart

And give to this world

All its


It felt the encouragement of light

Against its



We all remain




I have felt frightened so often on my journey. It has only been when connecting with the encouragement of light that I have been able to pass through my fear. Often that light expresses itself through the pets that share my life. When I meet a pet in distress because they have lost their companion, the person who has kept them safe and created an environment that allowed them to trust I see their light and freely expose my light to them.

Somehow it is easy to open that part of myself to a creature who is suffering. I want to communicate to them that they will be okay. By becoming vulnerable to them and only seeing their light despite what their behavior reflects, a bridge is built.

Pets so freely participate in this exchange. They do not lie or hide what they feel. If I touch them in a way or a place that they do not like I can get a growl, a scratch, or may be a yelp. It is my honor to interpret what they are telling me. It takes attention, and a desire to understand from their perspective. The relationship that develops is magical and it changes and evolves with every interaction. They are often a reflection of exactly where I am at the moment and they become the one showing me it is safe.

For everything they give to us with no reason to I am their champion and The Pet Cottage is built with that intention.

As the founder and the leader of this modest organization that intention permeates every decision we make. I hope today you will look at your pet as a conduit of the encouragement of light and feel lighter and braver because they are in your life.

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