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Springtime Pet Safety

Winter is slowly retreating and wildflowers are starting to bloom, you're thinking about Feng Shui-ing your home and cleaning out the garage. Before you break out those cavity-causing candy Peeps and Marie Kondo-ing your space, let's talk about those looming Springtime pet hazards.

Easter Treats & Decorations

See cavity-causing candy Peeps above... and chocolate bunnies or Cadbury Eggs. Save them for yourself! Make sure your pet doesn't mistake the bowls of candy for a buffet, keep them out of reach. That also goes for any plastic tinsel you're using for Easter baskets and purchase non-toxic egg dye, for both dogs and kids.

Fresh Air

But first check the screens. I know you're excited to turn off the heat, open the windows and let that spring breeze blow through the house. Make sure to reinforce any screens on the doors and windows. If you have a cat you know they'll find the loose one, like a moth to a flame.

Home Projects

As you gear up for spring cleaning and yard work make sure all of your cleaning products, pesticides and fertilizers out of your pets' way. Paints, solvents and physical objects like staples and power tools should be used with caution and it'd be best to put your pet in a confined area while using them.

Bug Protection

Pollination and shedding cocoons are necessary and magical and all, but springtime is not all honey bees and butterflies. As the earth starts to defrost, so do all the bugs. Heart worm, flea and tick prevention should be practiced year-round but especially after winter and into the summer.

Spring Breeding

Millions of unwanted dogs & cats are euthanized each year. Even if your pets are kept indoors they can mistakenly get outside. Research animal clinics in your area that offer affordable spay and neuters to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Some clinics and rescues will even host free spay and neuter events.

Sun & Heat Exposure

Even if you don't live in a tropical climate dogs can get sunburnt and skin cancer from overexposure to UV rays. Ones with a thin coat, short hair, pink/light-nosed or light-colored fur are most at risk. Make sure there is shade and plenty of water available for your furry friend. You can consult your veterinarian for a pet safe sunscreen without zinc oxide as it is toxic to pets.

Wild Animals

They're as excited as you are to come out of hibernation and enjoy the warm breeze. Even in our suburban Jupiter neighborhood we see hawks circling overhead to catch prey. Also, many Coyotes are spotted in gated neighborhoods and golf courses. Small dogs and cats should not be left outside unmonitored.

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