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Mother's Day Tribute

Happy Mother’s Day to all our pack member Moms. The Pet Cottage Pack is made up of amazing fur-Moms. Our foster network is composed primarily of senior women who open their hearts and homes to the pets who come to us through death, disability or deployment.

Some of our fosters are Mom and daughter teams. Here I am highlighting two of them:

Dena and Roz foster Anthony and Doris for The Pet Cottage. Roz is in her 90’s and her daughter Dena cares for her. Long time cat lovers their cat passed away and Dena noticed a decline in her Mom. Her Mom was grieving and very sad. Dena decided having a cat back in their home would be a positive thing.

Dena discovered us through a flyer posted in her mail room in Abacoa. She had been considering just one cat, but when she saw the flyer and Anthony and Doris were the cat’s names, she wanted to meet them. Long time family friends share the names, Anthony and Doris, Dena felt it was a sign. Then Dena called and spoke to me. When she learned my name is Wendy, she realized it was meant to be. You see her very best friend’s name is Wendy too. 


Fostering the cats for Roz and Dena is the right arrangement. We provide hands on support and make it easy to have a pet even when your life is full of caretaking. Anthony and Doris, entertain, love on, and light up these senior ladies’ lives.


Valerie and Ruthie foster Ace, a chihuahua mix. Ace’s person passed away and he was left at Furry Friends. He was very unhappy there. A senior himself who had only ever been loved on, he was miserable. Dr. Vinoski alerted us. Ace fit our mission, so we were ready to help.

Valerie and Ruthie had been waiting for quite some time to foster a dog through us. Ruthie is in her 90’s and requires dialysis every day. Valerie wanted to add a pet to share their lives and re-direct their daily focus. Ruthie uses a walker and has thin skin, the dog had to be a good fit. The dog who would be the best match had not shown up yet.

When I met Ace, I thought he could be it. Ace came overnight to The Pet Cottage and I quickly realized what a special little guy he is. Ace fit right in with our pack and had a very calm and endearing personality. The next day I packed Ace up and off we went to meet Valerie and Ruthie.

Dapper Ace

Valerie met us in the parking lot and Ace seemed to like her right away. We took Ace into their home and got ready to meet Ruthie. Ruthie was excited and wanted to make a good impression. She put on her favorite hat and had applied beautiful red lipstick. When she came walking out of the bedroom with her walker, Ace ran over to her and declared “I am home!” He clearly was used to a walker and decided right then and there that Ruthie was his new Grandma.

Since that day Ace has become the star in their lives. He accompanies them everywhere. Doctors appointments, shopping and even to their favorite pub where he has his own barstool. The support The Pet Cottage provides is how Valerie and Ruthie can have a dog. It is a win, win, win. A senior guy with two lovely senior ladies. He has changed their lives and they his!

Ace and Ruthie at their favorite tiki bar

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