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Prepare For Hurricanes With Your Pets

If you're a local Jupiter resident reading this, you're no stranger to hurricanes. If you're not local to Jupiter, your state has its own Act of God in which these same rules can apply.

It's easy for us Floridians to brush off a looming hurricane because we are desensitized to the media chaos until the very last minute. But if you are in fact in the path of the hurricane the last thing you want to do is not be prepared for it and go viral on Facebook as the adult fighting the kid at Walmart for a last pack of canned baked beans.

If you have pets, they don't understand the local news anchor standing on the beach in the middle of high-speed winds. You need to have a plan in place for them- read our 10 tips below to prepare for a hurricane with your pets.

1. Make sure your pet has ID.

- Head to your local pet store for a very affordable engraved pet tag with your details in case your pet panics and escapes during a storm

2. Crates

- For both cats and dogs. This is to keep them safe and easy to transport if need be.

3. Vet Records

- If you have to evacuate to a hurricane shelter they will ask for your pet(s) vet records and require updated vaccinations. You don't want to be turned away in this situation if there is a mandatory evacuation.

4. Food, Water, Meds

- Two-week supply of food, water and prescription medications in case of power outages and store shut downs.

5. Know Your Local Evacuation Center

- Do your research on pet-friendly shelters and hotels. is a great resource to check your area.

6. Micro-chip

- Animals can panic and flee in these situations and if someone finds them after the dust settles, almost every pet store and vets office will have a micro-chip scanner. If they end up in a shelter you will have to prove ownership. In addition to the microchip, some pictures of your pet will go along way- preferably with you in the pictures.

7. Emergency Rescue Alert Sticker

- If something happens to you or your home, an emergency rescue alert sticker by the front door can alert officials or neighbors that there are pets in the home that need to be checked on.

8. Community Cats

- If you are the community cat feeder and are concerned for their safety during the storm there are a couple things you can do if they are feral and untrappable. Take in any items that aren't secured to the ground, i.e., chairs, plants, bricks, etc. Bring cat food to a higher ground in case it floods. Tie shelter for cats on a patio (or shed) to a sturdy structure with the opening of the hole facing the house. Cover the shelter with tarps to block out the wind and use Mylar blankets inside for extra warmth.


- This is cruel. Few things irk an animal lover more than hearing about a pet tied up during a severe storm. Aside from karma coming after you- there is a proposed bill in Florida that will make it illegal for pet owners to leave behind their dogs during a hurricane or other severe weather event. Punishment could include a year in prison or a fine up to $5000 - or both.

If your dog has a habit of bolting when scared it is best to leash your dog while inside. If the weather gets really bad and you lose a window- a scared pet may run.

10. Pet Trust

- Legally naming a caregiver to take care of your pets in the event something happens to you is a great plan whether there's a storm or not. Unpredictable accidents happen and your pet who has served you loyally doesn't deserve to go to a shelter if something were to happen to you. If you would like more information on creating a pet trust please reach out to The Pet Cottage, we can help! 561-818-5025

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