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What We Can All Learn From Fostering A Senior Pet.

One of our foster pack member's passed today, Noah a 16-year old cat who we placed with a senior woman that passed away about a month ago. He brought her so much happiness at the end of her life and she loved him dearly. Then we placed him with Nancy, knowing that he didn't have much longer to live and she made his last days so meaningful. Below are the kindest words from Nancy on his last day on Earth with us:

"Noah, my cat of seventeen days, died this morning. Last night he loved being brushed, receiving his massage and even curled up for a nap next to me as usual but It was clear he was nearing the end. He had stopped eating and movement was slow. I knew he needed me to give love and attention as needed. When I woke up this morning the house was very quiet. Too quiet. I thought I'd go into his room and find him already gone. Finished caring for the dogs and then I heard Noah calling to me. Put the dogs away (I had kept them separate) and went into his room. He was on the floor and not moving. I grabbed a dog bed to sit on and joined him on the floor. He knew I was there. I gently stroked him, long and slow movement across his thin long body. A pause to let him take that in and then again. Talked to him about crossing over. That is was OK to die and join all the beings on the other side that loved him. That I loved with him too but that he did not have to hang on for me. I thought about what a life this cat had lived. Feral at one point, then welcomed into homes where he was treated with value. He came to me with a boatload of toys. Thought about how he would take his last breaths in his own way with a friend by his side. No fear. A rich life. When he seemed full I simply held his paw. His body would occasionally jerk and his eyes began to stare long before he took his last breath. And then he went gently into the good day. I placed Noah onto a clean plastic tray and set him in the sun. I liked the thought of him having this time in nature.

Here's the thing...when Wendy of the Pet Cottage called and asked me to take him in she was honest and said he had serious health issues. No clue what his life expectancy would be. It did not matter to me. When I called her today to let her know Noah had died Wendy was profoundly grateful that I had cared for him. I am grateful too. Not just for the time I had with this sweet boy but that I was entrusted with the honor. On the days that I may be tempted to beat the hell out of myself may I remember that Noah, the coolest of cool cats, and Wendy trusted me to help him. My house is clean now. All of Noah's things and Noah's body have been picked up by the Pet Cottage. They were quick about that and I am glad. I have a set of Tibetian chimes that I have been ringing in each room in my home since his departure. In his room the sound was different. I kept chiming and sending blessings till the room felt clear. A cleansing of the space and a heralding to the angels that this sweet boy is on his way. May we all go so gently forward. Thank you for reading this. <3"

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RIP Sweet Noah 01.16.19

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