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Why You Should Fospice

Fospicing a pet provides end-of-life comfort to pets in terminally ill situations and old age. It's providing them love and attention that they wouldn't otherwise receive in a shelter setting. While this type of fostering may be more demanding, it teaches us valuable life lessons of compassion and expands our capacity for love.

senior dogs, special needs, animal sanctuary, foster, hospice
Two senior and special needs pets of TPC

Since fospice programs have grown and awareness has been brought to senior dogs and cats, there is more assistance provided from shelters/rescues. And with places like The Pet Cottage, we offer constant support with purchasing medications, rides to vet appointments, and taking care of the burial when that time comes.

gingerlead, dog sling, dog harness, fospice, animal sanctuary, foster
A fospice dog, Millie with her GingerLead sling to help her walk!

Millions of dogs and cats are euthanized each year due to over-crowding in shelters. Fostering helps to socialize these animals and make them more attractive to adopt. It's a no-brainer that animals don't thrive or show their personality in shelter settings. Then think about a sick or senior animal... Wouldn't have much will to live, right?

senior dogs, senior dogs rock, animal sanctuary, foster, rescue
10yo Chloe, her owners brought her in to euthanize her because they're in their 90s and can't care for her anymore :(

I've heard people argue for why they can't foster, "It'll break my heart when they pass", and, "But I'll get attached". But those aren't reasons not to foster or fospice. Foster and Fospice parents offer an invaluable service to terminally ill and elderly pets. Without them, many pets would live out their remaining days in a shelter. While they may only have a few weeks or months to live, being surrounded by love, in those final days, makes all the difference. And sometimes we just don't know how long they have. It could turn into years, and that would make each extra day that much sweeter.

blind dog, sanctuary, senior dogs, animal rescue, rainbow bridge
Blind dog Toby's mom passed away so he came to live out his last few months on earth at TPC before reuniting with his mom over the rainbow bridge.

We have a very special fospice parent, Nancy, who took Noah in knowing he didn't have much longer to live. She wrote this letter on his final day with us on earth and we all ugly-cried. May we all have someone to care for us like this during our final days and send us over the rainbow bridge to reunite with our loved ones.

If interested in becoming a fospice or foster parent, fill out the application form and we will give you a call to talk about options and find you the perfect match! Apply to foster!

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