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  • Springtime Pet Safety

    Winter is slowly retreating and wildflowers are starting to bloom, you're thinking about Feng Shui-ing your home and cleaning out the garage. Before you break out those cavity-causing candy Peeps and Marie Kondo-ing your space, let's talk about those looming Springtime pet hazards. Easter Treats & Decorations See cavity-causing candy Peeps above... and chocolate bunnies or Cadbury Eggs. Save them for yourself! Make sure your pet doesn't mistake the bowls of candy for a buffet, keep them out of reach. That also goes for any plastic tinsel you're using for Easter baskets and purchase non-toxic egg dye, for both dogs and kids. Fresh Air But first check the screens. I know you're excited to turn off the heat, open the windows and let that spring breeze blow through the house. Make sure to reinforce any screens on the doors and windows. If you have a cat you know they'll find the loose one, like a moth to a flame. Home Projects As you gear up for spring cleaning and yard work make sure all of your cleaning products, pesticides and fertilizers out of your pets' way. Paints, solvents and physical objects like staples and power tools should be used with caution and it'd be best to put your pet in a confined area while using them. Bug Protection Pollination and shedding cocoons are necessary and magical and all, but springtime is not all honey bees and butterflies. As the earth starts to defrost, so do all the bugs. Heart worm, flea and tick prevention should be practiced year-round but especially after winter and into the summer. Spring Breeding Millions of unwanted dogs & cats are euthanized each year. Even if your pets are kept indoors they can mistakenly get outside. Research animal clinics in your area that offer affordable spay and neuters to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Some clinics and rescues will even host free spay and neuter events. Sun & Heat Exposure Even if you don't live in a tropical climate dogs can get sunburnt and skin cancer from overexposure to UV rays. Ones with a thin coat, short hair, pink/light-nosed or light-colored fur are most at risk. Make sure there is shade and plenty of water available for your furry friend. You can consult your veterinarian for a pet safe sunscreen without zinc oxide as it is toxic to pets. Wild Animals They're as excited as you are to come out of hibernation and enjoy the warm breeze. Even in our suburban Jupiter neighborhood we see hawks circling overhead to catch prey. Also, many Coyotes are spotted in gated neighborhoods and golf courses. Small dogs and cats should not be left outside unmonitored.

  • The Encouragement of Light

    I came across this poem while doing my morning meditation. It Felt Love How Did the rose Ever open its heart And give to this world All its Beauty? It felt the encouragement of light Against its Being, Otherwise, We all remain Too Frightened -Hafiz I have felt frightened so often on my journey. It has only been when connecting with the encouragement of light that I have been able to pass through my fear. Often that light expresses itself through the pets that share my life. When I meet a pet in distress because they have lost their companion, the person who has kept them safe and created an environment that allowed them to trust I see their light and freely expose my light to them. Somehow it is easy to open that part of myself to a creature who is suffering. I want to communicate to them that they will be okay. By becoming vulnerable to them and only seeing their light despite what their behavior reflects, a bridge is built. Pets so freely participate in this exchange. They do not lie or hide what they feel. If I touch them in a way or a place that they do not like I can get a growl, a scratch, or may be a yelp. It is my honor to interpret what they are telling me. It takes attention, and a desire to understand from their perspective. The relationship that develops is magical and it changes and evolves with every interaction. They are often a reflection of exactly where I am at the moment and they become the one showing me it is safe. For everything they give to us with no reason to I am their champion and The Pet Cottage is built with that intention. As the founder and the leader of this modest organization that intention permeates every decision we make. I hope today you will look at your pet as a conduit of the encouragement of light and feel lighter and braver because they are in your life.

  • Prepare For Hurricanes With Your Pets

    If you're a local Jupiter resident reading this, you're no stranger to hurricanes. If you're not local to Jupiter, your state has its own Act of God in which these same rules can apply. It's easy for us Floridians to brush off a looming hurricane because we are desensitized to the media chaos until the very last minute. But if you are in fact in the path of the hurricane the last thing you want to do is not be prepared for it and go viral on Facebook as the adult fighting the kid at Walmart for a last pack of canned baked beans. If you have pets, they don't understand the local news anchor standing on the beach in the middle of high-speed winds. You need to have a plan in place for them- read our 10 tips below to prepare for a hurricane with your pets. 1. Make sure your pet has ID. - Head to your local pet store for a very affordable engraved pet tag with your details in case your pet panics and escapes during a storm 2. Crates - For both cats and dogs. This is to keep them safe and easy to transport if need be. 3. Vet Records - If you have to evacuate to a hurricane shelter they will ask for your pet(s) vet records and require updated vaccinations. You don't want to be turned away in this situation if there is a mandatory evacuation. 4. Food, Water, Meds - Two-week supply of food, water and prescription medications in case of power outages and store shut downs. 5. Know Your Local Evacuation Center - Do your research on pet-friendly shelters and hotels. is a great resource to check your area. 6. Micro-chip - Animals can panic and flee in these situations and if someone finds them after the dust settles, almost every pet store and vets office will have a micro-chip scanner. If they end up in a shelter you will have to prove ownership. In addition to the microchip, some pictures of your pet will go along way- preferably with you in the pictures. 7. Emergency Rescue Alert Sticker - If something happens to you or your home, an emergency rescue alert sticker by the front door can alert officials or neighbors that there are pets in the home that need to be checked on. 8. Community Cats - If you are the community cat feeder and are concerned for their safety during the storm there are a couple things you can do if they are feral and untrappable. Take in any items that aren't secured to the ground, i.e., chairs, plants, bricks, etc. Bring cat food to a higher ground in case it floods. Tie shelter for cats on a patio (or shed) to a sturdy structure with the opening of the hole facing the house. Cover the shelter with tarps to block out the wind and use Mylar blankets inside for extra warmth. 9. Leash dogs BUT DO NOT LEAVE THEM LEASHED OUTSIDE - This is cruel. Few things irk an animal lover more than hearing about a pet tied up during a severe storm. Aside from karma coming after you- there is a proposed bill in Florida that will make it illegal for pet owners to leave behind their dogs during a hurricane or other severe weather event. Punishment could include a year in prison or a fine up to $5000 - or both. If your dog has a habit of bolting when scared it is best to leash your dog while inside. If the weather gets really bad and you lose a window- a scared pet may run. 10. Pet Trust - Legally naming a caregiver to take care of your pets in the event something happens to you is a great plan whether there's a storm or not. Unpredictable accidents happen and your pet who has served you loyally doesn't deserve to go to a shelter if something were to happen to you. If you would like more information on creating a pet trust please reach out to The Pet Cottage, we can help! 561-818-5025

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  • Pet Sanctuary | The Pet Cottage | United States

    Promising pets a loving home, forever. GET INVOLVED! Join our pack and make a difference. WAYS TO DONATE Our Purpose To celebrate and protect the magical relationship between people and their pets. Our Promise To provide homestyle care for pets who lose their humans due to death, disability, or deployment. Our Pack We are a nonprofit organization that gives people the peace of mind that their pets will always be cared for. We also provide pet companionship for senior people. Join the Happy Tails Givers Pack! MAKE A MONTHLY DONATION Our Programs At The Pet Cottage, we provide homestyle care for pets who lose their humans due to death, disability, or deployment. Through our two unique programs - The Sanctuary Residency Program and The Lifelong Guardianship Program - we promise our pets will always have the home, care, and love they deserve - for life. ​ ​ Our promise means that pets come first and we do everything we can to provide the highest quality care for our pets - including veterinary care, medications, behavioral training, and of course, love and care in the comfort of a home with a dedicated guardian. Sanctuary Residency Program Pets live on site at our 2-acre headquarters in Jupiter Farms, Florida and are cared for by our Founder, Wendy Derhak, and volunteer team. Lifelong Guardianship Program Each pet is placed in the home of a vetted guardian and receives lifelong care in the guardian's home and wellness check ups from The Pet Cottage. The need for lifetime pet care is great! Humans who can no longer care for their pets, or families who have to relinquish a pet after the loss of a loved one, find peace of mind knowing their beloved pet will continue to be cherished and cared for to the highest degree at The Pet Cottage. ​ Many orphaned pets are dogs and cats whose owners suddenly experience hardship, loss, or unexpected life events. These pets must rely on family members, animal control and rescue organizations to find a new home. If unsuccessful, the pets are often euthanized. Sadly, if the pets are seniors or big dog breeds, euthanasia is often the result. ​ The Pet Cottage fulfills this need with nonjudgemental understanding for people and an absolute, lifelong commitment to pets. Senior Pets for Senior People We acknowledge the loneliness many senior people feel and the hesitancy they experience when it comes to pet ownership. ​ What will happen to my pet if something happens to me? What if I am unable to care for my pet long term? ​ I want a pet in my life, but need backup support just in case. This is where our Lifelong Guardianship Program really shines by providing seniors and people with disabilities - who otherwise might not feel comfortable with full pet ownership - with the opportunity to experience the joys of pet companionship. With the support from The Pet Cottage for veterinary expenses, wellness checkups, and a lifelong commitment to the care of our pets, The Pet Cottage partners with seniors and others to make pet ownership a win-win-win! Our mission in action Angus & Porter "I don’t even know how to express the gratitude to you and The Pet Cottage for all you do for these sweet angels that have lost their humans. I cared for Angus and Porter for 9 months after their Dad Bob went into the hospital and sadly passed many months later. When visiting Bob in the hospital he no longer knew what day of the week it was or that he had been a Sergeant in the Marine Corps and a Vietnam Veteran or had 30 plus years as a lineman for Florida Power & Light. But he never forgot Angus and Porter. When visiting him he would always ask “How are my boys?” and now that Angus has crossed the rainbow bridge they are together again. It gives me great comfort knowing that Angus got to live out his final days with Porter, his protective “Gentle Giant” little brother who I now believe must have sensed the cancer and explains why he was always right at Angus’s side standing over him till the end. Keeping them together is all Bob would have wanted. You, the volunteers and guardian angels give so much love and care to each and every forever pack member. I love that I get to see Porter on Facebook in his beautiful air-conditioned cottage with his cozy beds, cooling pads and fenced area to run and pay in. He is a lucky boy and so very loved and spoiled with his daily walks, toys and treats. Thank you from the bottom of my heart… I know Bob is looking down from heaven with a smile!" ~ from Bob's sister Join Our Pack Where pets and people find belonging There are numerous ways to get involved in our organization and we invite you to join us and be a part of something big. Are you a dedicated pet lover with time, energy, and talents to share? GET INVOLVED Follow the Pet Cottage on Instagram! Our Sponsors and Partners Click the images below to support those who support us!

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  • Shop | The Pet Cottage

    Shop for Our Cause When you shop from this page, The Pet Cottage benefits. Your generosity and contributions mean so much to us and the pets we serve. Thank you for caring and sharing these special links and shopping opportunities with your family and friends. Belinda giving reiki-loving energy to Sanctuary resident Elvis. Belinda Johnson, Animal Intuitive Belinda is a gifted animal intuitive and healer who generously donates her time and gifts to our pets. ​ If you've ever been curious about your pet's needs and desires or stumped by a behavior issue, Belinda is a master at connecting with your pet's energy and communicating exactly what is going on with clarity, grace, and compassion. ​ To schedule a session with Belinda, contact her directly at and put "Pet Cottage Pack" in the subject line. For Pet Cottage supporters, Belinda is generously donating 15% of the session fee back to The Pet Cottage. Amazon Wishlist Shop from our Amazon Wishlist to send supplies like kitty litter, dog treats, and laundry detergent directly to our door. ​ Zach, Dash, and Sugar say thank you! SHOP NOW Innov8tive Nutrition Innov8tive Nutrition offers a unique topical patch for humans that slowly delivers vitamins and nutrients over the course of 8 hours. Stay healthy and strong for your pets! ​ Zoe, Elsa, and Grover say thank you! SHOP NOW Peter O'Hara Photography Peter is giving 15% of his fee to The Pet Cottage for any person who purchases from him through us. Tell him we sent you for your headshots and pet portraits! ​ Elvis, Tuffy, and 2-2 say thank you! SHOP NOW Katie Herman Art Local Jupiter artist Katie Herman created these prints for The Pet Cottage featuring our iconic Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. ​ These unique prints are 8x10 and come in a white mat which fits a 11x14 frame. Each print is $40. ​ To purchase, send us a message below in the contact form. ​ Lil, Porter, and Cloud say thank you! ​ SEND MESSAGE BELOW

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